2014 / Animated Film / Black&White / 16:9 / stereo / 4min 55sec
Direction, Drawing, Sound : Hirotoshi Iwasaki

Dark Mixer is a short loop animation.  The concept of Dark Mixer is "transformation." I got the idea for this clip from alchemy. I believe that rotoscope animation and alchemy are similar in a way where you take an existing piece/object, add something to it, and create something completely new.
The idea behind the title is to take everyday things and dump them into the mixer/blender to create something that is unfamiliar to us. It may lead us to look at everyday life in a different way.

Grand Prix non-narrative short at Holland Animation Film Festival 2015 (Netherlands)

Curtocicuíto International Short Film Festival 2014 (Spain)
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2014 (Netherlands)
International Film Festival of Lanzarote 2015 (Spain)
Holland Animation Film Festival 2015 (Netherlands)

ANIMASIOVO 2015 (Mexico)
Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival 2015 (Germany)
Fest Anca 2015 (Slovakia)
ASK? Film Festival 2015 (Japan)
WFAF 2015 (Bulgaria)
Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 (Canada)

ANIMATOU 2015 (Switzerland)
l'Alternativa 2015 - 22nd Barcelona Independent Film Festival

Animated Dreams 2015 (Estonia)
Animateka 2015 (Slovenia)
London International Animation Festival 2015 (
United Kingdom)